Coring and Dip-coating Robot

Full-automatic Casting Line

1. Build a foundry, a natural gas supply station and other supporting facilities;

2. Hold a Germany KW casting line, a cylinder block casting open line, a DISA vertical line, an LOST-FOAMproduction line, a seiatsu-molding vermicular iron casting line for six-cylinder engine in 2014 or newer, a Spring Professional horizontal faskless molding line, a gravity aluminum casting line and a high-pressure aluminum casting line.

3. An annual casting capacity of 80,000 tons of black castings and 20,000 tons of nonferrous castings.

4. Assembly line production, achieving automated production in the entire process.


Precision Casting

Precision casting production and assembly line production, achieving automated production in the entire process

Germany KW Main Engine

Core Shooting Center of Seiatsu Line

The main equipment includes an intelligent machining center, a CNC machine tool, a large CNC cleaning machine, etc


Cylinder Head Machining Line

Automatic Production Line

Intelligent Cylinder Head Machining Line

1. Having advanced intelligent machining center production lines and imported flexible machining lines.

2. The main equipment include intelligent machining centers, CNC machine tools, high-precision cylinder bore honing machines, cylinder bore leakage detection machines, large CNC cleaning machines, etc.

3. Including intelligent machining centers, high-precision horizontal machining centers, boring machines, precision drilling machines, turning-milling machines, imported NAGER honing machines, leakage detection machines, 4 coordinate measuring machines (CMM) and other advanced machining equipment and testing equipment, to better ensure product machining accuracy and quality.

Intelligent Machining Center

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