Committed to the research, development and manufacturing of cylinder blocks and cylinder heads as well as the integration of resources

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Ruifeng Power Group Company Limited ranked fourth among specialized cylinder block manufacturers in China in terms of sales volume in 2016. We are also one of a limited number of major cylinder block manufacturers in China that also manufactures cylinder heads. In China and mainly engages in the design, development, production and sales of cylinder blocks and cylinder heads for automobile manufacturers and engine manufacturers in China.

Chairman's Speech

Creating International Brands and Integrating with the World

Standing at a new starting point, our company will strive for development in good faith to build up an international brand and integrate with the world. We firmly believe that with the proper guidance of the Party committees and governments at all levels, the strong support from all walks of life, and the care and favor of customers, Our company will be able to face new challenges with strong determination and smooth development.

CEO: Mr. MENG Lianzhou

Company Strength

 Lean production, refinement by innovation and continuous improvement

Build high-quality technical products and produce high-quality products with advanced equipment



Shorten production cycle and improve product quality

Focus on each detail to achieve the best quality


Ruifeng Power specializes in manufacture of

customized engine cylinder blocks and cylinder

heads and provides one-stop service from

drawing to finished product

Display all-around talent strategy, living facilities

and other information to absorb outstanding


We work closely with our customers to provide high-quality customized products